About Ramsey L.E.A.D.

The Ramsey Police Department has been providing anti-drug education to Ramsey students at all grade levels. Officer Diane Warnet was selected to lead the Ramsey Police Department’s Law Enforcement Against Drugs (L.E.A.D.) Program. As Lead Instructor, Ptlw. Warnet works with the principals and teachers at Dater School and the Academy of St. Paul to provide anti-drug education to the students in the 5th grade program.

Students first learn essential life skills that help them build a foundation for a healthy lifestyle. First, in-classroom instruction focused on developing skills such as goal setting, decision making, identifying and managing emotions, effective communication and bonds/relationships. After developing these life skills, students were introduced to the dangers of drugs and alcohol. This includes drugs such as alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, inhalants and heroin.

The Ramsey Police Department wants students to excel, so the L.E.A.D. program provides opportunities for students to reinforce the positive life skills they learn in the classroom. The Ramsey Police Department L.E.A.D. program holds a number of events such as; Xcite Games, a Harlem Wizards Basketball Game, Skate Night, Sing Out auditions, Sing Out Final Showcase, Culmination ceremony and an annual Pool Party. All of these events, are primarily designed to increase positive interactions with one another.

The Ramsey Police Department enables students to continue their anti-drug education while attending Eric C. Smith Middle School. Officer Warnet leads a group of energetic students known as the The Alumni Club. Alumni Club met twice a month after school and participated in discussion and group activities to support their healthy lifestyle.






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